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Our Willminds Arbitration

WMAC offers efficient, cost-effective, and professional arbitration services worldwide. Our center actively monitors the proceedings to avoid unnecessary expenses and delays and allows the parties to customize their arbitration process.

Parties may choose to proceed with administered arbitration and arbitrate their disputes under the rules and supervision of our Center, or opt for ad hoc proceedings with other Arbitration rules and request from our Center to manage the arbitration and/or act as appointing authority.

We provide normal-track arbitration as well as fast-track e-Arbitration. The latter consists of resolving disputes entirely online within an agreed timeline by the parties by submitting written claims and responses that may be solely relied upon to decide the dispute, absent a written agreement by the parties for a hearing.

Benefits of Arbitration

Confidential and private

The presented documents will not be publicly accessible.


The agreement of both parties, whether through a clause in a contract or by means of a submission agreement, is essential for the arbitration process to take place.


The arbitration costs may be lower than litigation cost.


The arbitral awards are supported by an international regime of treaties and can be enforced by courts under the New York Convention, unlike judgments of national courts.


The arbitration will take place before a neutral tribunal or arbitrator.

Autonomous and flexible

The parties have the right to choose procedures, location, and applicable laws. They may also participate in the selection of the tribunal.


The arbitrators may have substantive experience in the issues of the dispute.

Speedy and final

The resolution of disputes in arbitration is achieved faster with guaranteed conclusions.

Frequently asked questions

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a procedure, outside the courts, whereby parties agree to submit their dispute to a sole arbitrator or an arbitral tribunal who make judgment in the form of a binding and enforce able award. The process is widely accepted across the world as a benchmark for international dispute resolution.

What are the steps of an arbitration process?

  • The claimant files a Notice of Arbitration, and notifications are made to process the case.
  • A sole arbitrator or a tribunal is appointed to hear the case in accordance with the arbitration rules.
  • Both claimant and respondent exchange written submissions to relevant facts and remedies requested.
  • Before hearings, the arbitrator(s) and parties communicate to schedule hearing dates and resolve preliminary issues.
  • During hearings, both parties meet with the arbitrator(s) to present arguments and evidence in support of their respective cases.
  •  After the conclusion of the hearing, the arbitrator(s) deliberate the facts of the case and render a written decision called an award.

Can we be your legal representative?

We are not a law firm, thus, we do not act as an attorney to any of the parties. However, it is recommended that you appoint an attorney/counsel yourself who will represent you and advise you throughout the arbitration proceedings.

How much does the arbitration process cost and how much time does it take?

The cost and time of the arbitration process varies depending on the claim and the track you choose. In addition, cost is affected by the amount of the claim, the number of hearing sessions, and discovery motions. 

Our Willminds Resolve cost calculator can estimate the cost.
Contact us to determine an appropriate strategy and schedule a track & fee consultation.

How can I file for arbitration?

Visit Willminds Resolve to file a Request for Arbitration. You should also submit four original copies of the request to the center which will provide them to the Case Manager and arbitrator(s).

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