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Willminds is driven by partnership, empowering people and learning together.
We believe that in partnering with other individuals and organizations, we empower each others.

Together we can promote positive change and improve projects and services.  
Together we can enhance social and justice impacts and boost innovation.
Partnering with us can mean anything from simple event sponsorship to long-term collaboration. Joining forces with Willminds delivers our partners tangible benefits. We are keen to hear from potential partners who see value in this approach.

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Message from the Founder

At Willminds, we seek and foster empowerment.

We pride ourselves for our innovative products and services that offer clients the appropriate and sustainable solutions for their needs. We leverage technology and empower individuals, businesses and governments to be change agents.

Our market strategy is driven by innovative processes and the provision of tailored services while enhancing our social and justice impacts in the societies where we work. We are confident that we can exceed expectations of all stakeholders by carefully considering their respective interests.

My vision, as CEO, is to take Willminds to the next level of being the gamechanger in the industry. To do this, I have laid out our plan to expand into new markets and to constantly invest in innovation and sustainability along with fostering partnerships. 

Welcome to the future of empowerment!
I look forward to working together!

Pascale Dahrouj
Founder & CEO, Willminds LLC

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