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Why us?

Seeking alternative means to prevent and resolve disputes is becoming crucial. Willminds Mediation and Arbitration Center (WMAC) plays a significant role in offering such a solution, as we are a pioneer center that promotes and delivers dispute resolution services far from litigation.

While constantly focusing on innovative and sustainable solutions, we turn disputes into opportunities irrespective of the number of parties involved, their sector and industry, and the size and stage of the dispute. Our aim is to make justice affordable and accessible for everyone.

We provide justice seekers with an enhanced normal track and an online fast track scheme of mediation and arbitration, with an expedited process of pre-suit services, intensive sessions, and tracking. Justice seekers can easily select and process their requirements from our productized services with innovative features and direct fee calculator.

We are a lead center that advocates and provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services without resorting to litigation.

We handle dispute, in whichever stage and sector, be it small or big, and however many are involved. We turn them into agreements and make justice accessible, easy and efficient.

We continuously focus on innovative and sustainable solutions and we provide early interventions and pre-dispute services, structured processes and customized programs.

We distinguish ourselves by our productized services so you can enjoy a full 360 experience of a one stop dispute resolution shop with full convenience, efficiency and transparency.

Message from the Founder

At WMAC, we pride ourselves for on our innovative products and services that offer clients appropriate dispute resolution options so that they can protect their rights and interests while preserving long-term cooperation. We leverage technology to drive final resolution faster and fairly.

Our market strategy is driven by innovative processes and the provision of tailored services and solutions for each client while enhancing our social and justice impact in the societies where we work. We are confident that we can exceed the expectations of all stakeholders by carefully considering their respective interests. 

My vision, as CEO, is to take Willminds to the next level of being the game changer in justice access and delivery. To do this, I have laidout our plan to expand into new markets and to constantly invest in innovation and sustainability, along with fostering partnerships.

Pascale Dahrouj
Founder & CEO, Willminds LLC

When Will and Mind work together, great things can happen.

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