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Introducing WMAC

Willminds Mediation and Arbitration Center offers alternative dispute resolution services while constantly focusing on innovative and sustainable solutions with guaranteed benefits to all parties.

When disputes arise, our leading services can be relied on to resolve them as economically and efficiently as possible. We offer a wide choice of administered procedures as an alternative to litigation for resolving domestic and international disputes for all sectors. In addition, we provide justice seekers with an enhanced normal track and an online fast track scheme of mediation and arbitration, among others. Justice seekers can easily select and process their requirements across seven different categories (Develop, Negotiate, Protect, Coaching, Facilitate, Dialogue, and Resolve) with innovative features and direct fee calculator. 

Our flagship technological solution, Willminds Resolve, allows all stakeholders to classify, process and track the disputed case until resolution on one single platform.Our globally accessible and unbiased services are available for everyone ranging from individuals and private sector enterprises to states and state entities. Our goal is to make justice affordable and accessible for everyone by empowering our clients through dispute resolution.


WMAC provides institutional dispute resolution services, while also allowing ad hoc procedures under its Rules. The benefits received in return are considerable, among which are:

Choices given under the name of our establishment are simpler to implement as it is acknowledged by a larger part of different bodies. We provide an established format with a proven record.

Efficient Administration

Our trained staff focuses on the efficient administration of the dispute resolution procedure to alleviate much of the burden on the parties through secretarial assistance, monitoring the progress of the process, managing payments, and helping with logistical matters. 

Specified rules and procedures

The availability of a pre-established, tried, and tested set of procedural rules provides a known and predictable structure. This eliminates any form of misunderstanding between parties regarding the procedure that must be followed and makes the process time bound with specified periods to ensure timely completion of the procedure.

Draft dispute resolution clauses

We save parties and their lawyers the effort of drafting dispute resolution clauses by providing samples to incorporate into their contracts.

Quality Panels of Neutrals

Our panel of qualified neutrals (mediators, arbitrators, and experts) is made up of experts from various fields of expertise, vocations, and regions of the world. This allows parties to select a neutral possessing the necessary skill, experience, and expertise to provide a quick and effective dispute resolution process.

Set renumeration & cost

The costs are known and set in advance, and the compensation to be paid to the neutrals is fixed. The parties don't need to deal with the neutrals to choose the terms and measure of compensation, and payment is only made directly to the Center, which in turn pays the neutrals.


We provide supervision to guarantee that fair treatment of the law has been followed, and that legitimate thinking hosts have been given to the parties, as well as an independent framework for resolving complaints and difficult issues that might arise in the course of the proceedings.


Finally, agreements and awards from WMAC may be easier to enforce than those made in ad hoc proceedings, due to the standing of our Center.

Our Solutions

We are a lead center that advocates and provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services without resorting to litigation.

We handle dispute, in whichever stage and sector, be it small or big, and however many are involved. We turn them into agreements and make justice accessible, easy and efficient.

We continuously focus on innovative and sustainable solutions and we provide early interventions and pre-dispute services, structured processes and customized programs.

We distinguish ourselves by our productized services so you can enjoy a full 360 experience of a one stop dispute resolution shop with full convenience, efficiency and transparency.

Message from the Founder

At WMAC, we pride ourselves for on our innovative products and services that offer clients appropriate dispute resolution options so that they can protect their rights and interests while preserving long-term cooperation. We leverage technology to drive final resolution faster and fairly.

Our market strategy is driven by innovative processes and the provision of tailored services and solutions for each client while enhancing our social and justice impact in the societies where we work. We are confident that we can exceed the expectations of all stakeholders by carefully considering their respective interests. 

My vision, as CEO, is to take Willminds to the next level of being the game changer in justice access and delivery. To do this, I have laidout our plan to expand into new markets and to constantly invest in innovation and sustainability, along with fostering partnerships.

Pascale Dahrouj
Founder & CEO, Willminds LLC

Costs of Justice

  • Time & Money saver
  • Stress-free & Enjoyable
  • For all sectors of society
  • Confidential & protects Reputation

Justice Infrastructure

  • Speedier, Simple & Consensual
  • Flexible methods (In-person, remote, hybrid, shuttle)
  • Normal & Fast Track options
  • Full User Experience

Justice Actors

  • Local and International
  • Available & Reachable
  • Accredited and well equipped
  • Increased reach and opportunities for growth

Justice Outcomes

  • Online Tracking Software
  • Personalized Sustainable Resolution
  • Follow-up & Reporting
  • Customer Feedback
  • Higher Compliance rates and Enforcement

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