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For Lawyers and Law firms

Lawyers should not only represent their clients but also advise them on all alternatives available to them in any judicial process. They play a crucial role in ADR by:

  • Using ADR clauses in the contracts they prepare.
  • Encouraging their clients to choose ADR.
  • Acting as legal counsel to their clients during ADR processes.

As lawyers and law firms, you can enhance your reputation and provide faster, cost-effective, and reliable solutions by outsourcing us for any ADR process either as:

  • Consultant to guide you and advise you before and throughout the entire process.
  • ADR provider, to handle the process as a third party while you act as legal counsel for your client.

For Businesses

Alternative Dispute Resolution reduces the cost of doing business and makes it easy for organizations to protect themselves against disputes through early interventions and efficient resolution methods.

Our Center provides effective options and ADR solutions for your business through:

For Individuals & Communities

Individuals are empowered to resolve their disputes through our Willminds Coaching , and communities are empowered to become inclusive, sustainable, and devoid of conflicts through our Willminds Dialogue.

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