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Framework of Lebanon

Chosen as a public sector innovation by OECD and the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), and published on their case study library for governments to replicate; Framework of Lebanon is an awareness campaign to apprise the public of the existing policy and legal framework in which they operate in Lebanon, through the mapping of existing laws and decrees. Understanding the existing framework is the first step towards creating a new one.

This project’s main objectives are:

  • To empower the public with the right information in order to establish the rule of law, enhance accountability, and flag out gaps, inconsistencies, and required reforms.
  • To develop a participatory buy-in procedure that enables stakeholders to understand and intervene once decisions affect them. This is necessary to invest in new laws and public legitimacy.

The first series tackled “Anti-Corruption Framework in Lebanon” and is available on our YouTube channel

Check Framework of Lebanon on OECD-OPSI Case Study Library


Debating provides unparalleled insight into the way policies are made, businesses are conducted, and projects are developed. It is an essential way to enhance leadership, communication, and productive participation in any democratic process.

That’s why, Willminds developed the Willminds Debate, a 55-minute program that stokes debates in all disciplines on a wide range of topics, with the Sustainable Development Goals mindset to assess the advantages and disadvantages and create sustainable solutions.

The program is distinguished for its specific format consisting of four rounds with points of information, a time limit, an order, and a style for argument presentation. It concludes with surveys of the public to assess and focus on outcomes, which can help policymakers, business leaders and other impact sector actors understand which projects and interventions are working or are needed.

Targeted Willminds Debates can be organized to assemble leading stakeholders in specific industries so as to consider the future of the industry.

Do you want to put your views on the table and help build a sustainable future for all generations?

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