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Why is it needed?

Stakeholder engagement is a key regulatory tool through which citizens and stakeholders give their feedback and views on policies, plans, proposals, laws, products, projects and other options presented by the government or any organization. The latter can no longer choose if they want to engage with stakeholders or not; the only decision they need to take is when and how successfully to engage.

Risks of overlooking this principle include:

Thus, engaging with stakeholders early, informing them, listening to their views and being prepared to address valid concerns has become critical to success. 

Willminds provide the right solutions.

How is it beneficial?

Our solutions help clients to:

What do we cover?

To meet all needs, we provide three core services:

Stakeholder Pre-Consultation Services

We develop strategies and plans to achieve and maintain the required social license for you to operate, seeking the endorsement of society for your policies and projects.

Stakeholder Consultation Implementation Services

We implement the stakeholder engagement strategy and communication plan that will manage the relationship with the stakeholders. We identify red flags and develop complaint processes and grievance management systems.

Stakeholder Post-Consultation Services

Once the stakeholder consultation process is over, engagement needs to remain on a variety of levels as part of an overall participatory approach. We monitor and evaluate the strategy by analyzing the contributions and issuing reports.

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