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+961 76 123 456

We collaborate with the private and public sectors to develop and implement policies on a local, national, regional, and global scale. Our program supports the policy cycle at each step of the process.

Policy Design

In order to determine a good policy design, we help you understand the problems, assess the policy options, create assurance frameworks, and develop the implementation context with clear goals and adequate funding streams.

Policy Implementation

The implementation process can be administrative, through guidance and top-down performance management, or experimental through a bottom-up approach. It can also be empowering, combining both administrative and experimental, with capacity building. We sketch the implementation plan, act as an “implementation support center” to support effective implementation, identify procedures for the measurement and scrutiny of performance, and build capacity.

Policy Monitoring and Evaluation

We provide an in-depth evaluation to monitor the effectiveness and implementation of the policy through policy maintenance, policy monitoring, and policy review.

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