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Anti-corruption enforcement activity has become increasingly global. The international community is taking a united stance against corruption, and foreign Anti-corruption laws provide for extra-territorial application. Thus, it has become crucial for organizations to comply with international and local Anti-corruption laws in order not to risk severe penalties or get exposed to legal, regulatory, or reputational damage; and for governments to institutionalize Anti-corruption laws, increase awareness of corruption and apply preventive measures.

Willminds Consulting Services works to reach these goals under three broad categories:

Corruption Prevention and Risk Mitigation

We conduct corruption risk assessment, evaluate program controls and governance structures, enhance compliance programs, develop policies and procedures, conduct trainings, and perform value-added analysis that helps decision-makers address and mitigate specific corruption risks.

Investigation of Corruption Allegations

We work as an independent third-party consultant to perform investigations of red flags and non-compliance in case of any occurring incident despite the adoptive preventive measures.

Assistance with Remediation

Our team assists the clients with reporting to key stakeholders and implementing remedial plans that enhance Anti-Corruption protocols and internal controls.

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