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Willminds Academy conducts a series of lectures, webinars, and workshops, as a new competency model learning program, to highlight the theories and practices in the various areas of ADR and SDGs.

Willminds Lectures

Our Lecture series are online or in-person academic and professional talks conducted regularly. Leading and internationally acclaimed professionals, academics, and industry experts will be invited to share their knowledge, skills, and experience.

Willminds Webinars

Our Webinar series are regular online academic conversations, held by reputed international professionals and stakeholders, and focusing on the various regional and global jurisdictions within which an ADR practitioners operate, as well as on the latest and most relevant topics related to Anti-Corruption and SDGs.

Willminds Workshops

Our workshops are short and structured programs- held online or in person- to help you develop strategies for immediate impact, create clear outcomes, and solve problems together. It creates momentum and makes work genuinely exciting again.

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